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The Takeoff
The Ascent
Leaving The Troposphere
The Tropopause Reached
Max Altitude Reached
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The Mission

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The Edge of Space!

With a total flight time of 2 Hours and 19 minutes and a maximum altitude of 100,259ft, the Vectron Wave reached the edge of space. It was one small step for Air Hogs, one giant leap for toy-kind.

~10,400 ft

Max Helicopter Height

The Agusta A109E Helicopter can hover at 10,400 feet without ground effect.

~ 12,500 ft


If you are at this height for over 30 min in a small aircraft the crerw must use oxygen.

~26,246 FT


Above this height the air contains insufficient oxygen to support human life.

~30,000 FT


The average cruising altitude of a commercial airliner is 30,000 ft.

~31,680 FT

Polar Jet Stream

30,000-40,000 ft is the height of the Polar Jet Steam which produces much of our weather!

~56,000 FT


The height of the Tropopause is 56,000 ft near equatorial regions.